Launch of Book, Linux Yourself: Concept and Programming authored by Dr. Sunil K. Singh, Professor & HOD, CSE, CCET, and Faculty Mentor, CASC.

This book is published by Chapman and Hall/CRC (Taylor & Francies Group) at Boca Raton, Florida USA. Numerous people still believe that learning and acquiring expertise in Linux is not easy, and only a professional can understand that how a Linux system works. Nowadays, Linux has gained much popularity both at home and at the workplace. This book, Linux Yourself: Concept and Pro- gramming, aims to help and guide the people of all ages to offer a deep insight into the concept of Linux, its usage, programming, administration, and several other related topics in an easy approach. This book can also be used as a text- book for undergraduate/postgraduate engineer- ing students and others who have a passion to gain expertise in the field of computer science/information technology as a Linux developer or administrator .
The book provides a deep conceptual learning of fundamental concepts, architecture, features regular expression, Stream Editor (SED), Awk (expressive programming language), shell scripting, Linux administration, Process, Inter-Process Communication (IPC), X Window System, and many more aspects through numerous useful examples. Articles on why so many Linux distribution and pen down on some famous Linux distribution as case studies.

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