Some of the benefits

Multiple Specialties

The Design Team has and trains designers in their fields of interest - typography, web design, illustration, user experience design and more.

Frequent Events

The CASC Design Team is always on their toes for some event or competition in the design field.

Active Group Discussions

The members of the Design Team are always well connected to each other via active social media groups.

Improved Productivity

Teams that work together are more productive and motivated towards their goals. The CASC Design Team is no exception to that.


Tasks To Complete

Conducting various events and competitions.

Designing for the ACM website.

Designing the ACM Magazine.

Conducting workshops to boost learning.

New skills are learnt by the designers.


Events Organized By The Team

POster Making Competition Vivify

Poster Making with Adobe Illustrator

Logo Design Competition

Logo Designing in Adobe Illustrator